Making of the nightingale costume

This was a commission for Bristol Museum, to make and shoot two costumes loosely representing the Oscar Wilde poem 'the nightingale and the rose'. 

Oxana Mazur was the perfect photographer, for her dreamy style and narrative.

I wanted the nightingale (the sweetly named Rebecca Rose Robinson) to show fragility, I usually tend to design dresses to be powerful, so this time, I stripped it right back to the flesh pink satin bodice and ballet tights for a more simple and fragile frame on which to hang the feather jacket. 

The amazing hair was created by Victoria Hemmings, I have been trying to recreate it on myself (to no avail) ever since.

Here are some pictures of the process...

The initial sketch 

The feather jacket in the making

We were shooting in the Museums subterranean store filled to the rafters with very valuable and very old specimens, so to protect them from moth eggs and the like, the costumes had to go in to the museums deep freeze for a week!

And here we are shooting at the beautiful Museum...